They all knew it they could not remain here for much longer. The pathway had taken a lot out of all of them and had sapped their spirits to a low ebb. Some worse than others. Word was now going around about what some had seen, heard and felt. It was time to try and make some sense of that.

Speck stood up first to speak he had seen the dark sky split and moon appear briefly, and it was he the first night in the cave woke in a fright with a warm breathe on his neck. He had woke with a start and whatever it was gone and stayed away.

“We saw the night sky clouds open and show the moon, that was a real sight for sore eyes”, said Speck, “and we also heard what Keith said about the bird speaking to him about going forward.”

“Chloe! What was it you were saying to me a while ago? Speck looking at Chloe and asking the question. Chloe pulled out her notebook and began to tell the group about how the trees spoke to her. The others were not so surprised at this for on the pathway there were times they all thought they could hear the tree murmuring and even speaking.

“So what did they say?” asked Speck.

“They told me about the need to go forward and follow the path,” said Chloe, “and to find the red stone and old oak tree called Askel.”

“So where is the old tree and where are we suppose to go? I just want to go home and have a good meal,” said Sarah tears welling up in her eyes.

“We have to follow on………I guess go into the cave as far as we can and to a ‘great valley’ they said called Gorm, I think? Chloe was speaking and checking her notes, “then to the forgotten mountain Shadenwell in the Tilden Hills”. Chloe stopped for a while as if thinking then said, “That is all they told me.”

Speck stood up again and said, “We can’t stay here, and it is clear to all the back through the trees and the pathway is not going to happen. I suggest we move on, also it is not good to remain here in one place too long. Better we move on together and go forward as we appear to have been told.”

They all held fears and doubts and some spoke of them but all recognized the situation and the need to move forward – together.


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