Into the morning

So dark it was, no light entered to bring hope except the light they had themselves. Sleep was short whilst two watched and the others slept. Then they walk on for a few more hours before they rest again.

They guessed it was morning though they lost any sense of time or day, it helped to call it something. Their mobiles all now had died and all that was left them was a few torches, some lighters and a box of matches. The air generally cool and damp froze their bones from the inside but now suddenly a new chill could be felt. It caused a shiver through the whole group quite literally.

And so it was this breeze, this wind blowing against them as they walked. Never changing or relenting. Is this what hope feels like?

is this what is meant to draw them all forwards and to a new part of this adventure, a new pathway, maybe this time warm and full of light and maybe this was going into the morning.

Trees hold a clue

Trees line the path and murmur about the travellers making their way along the path. Speck looks up and into the trees above the dark starless sky beyond, blackness on darkness. They all stand still now listening and it is here that Rowan says,”Ssssh! Listen!”

Could it be the trees are speaking? What have they said and does that help or threaten?

The only way was forwards, the path behind seemed to close in so dark. They walked on now conscious that time was only by their watches or mobiles.  Keith looked at his mobile and saw 6:43 pm and a red bar showing 5% battery left.

On the go

Exploring all I can do on the go. Getting starting editing the blog, quick and easy entering and editing on my mobile – great. Now I feel like I’m a 20th Century man!

Also, I am just back from a 7km walk and having a good, good about what to want to achieve in 2018. I know I want to write books, finish what I have started and start all that is coming fresh.

I get the so many ideas and often the whole book concept develops there and then, but I have so little time to write them and check them. It is time to start working smarter.