Shelter from the wind

It all seemed too much, the darkness, that clinging dampness and now this chilling breeze. Constant and cold as if it blew straight from the void of hades.

They now grouped together more relying on the little heat of the other. Their walking now more a shuffle and merged together into a multi-legged mass.

On they must go though for there was nothing about them, except these unforgiving trees and behind them just what they had already experienced. That was too much though hope in a future was growing dimmer.

It seems like days they this way and now the murmurs and speaking now was just a harder breathing. They all knew they were weakening quickly and some were already finding the pace, painfully slow as it was, too much for them. Still they struggled on and on.

It was a total surprise and a gust chilling air that could but wake and freeze the soul of the dead. They all felt it and for a moment thought this was it. Only death awaited them. And so when they begin to slip and slide they thought it was done.

They stopped in a heap and in the darkness fumbled about until one cried out, “it’s stone or rock…….. and it feels warm.” They all reached out and regaining they step huddled together letting the little warmth of the rock warm its way through them.

A torch lit on a cave nearby and so they made their cautious way to it. Dark but a shelter from the wind.