Listen to the trees

The trees whispered to the five travellers, though only Rowan had ears to hear. Far from the fear of threat heightened by the dark night and overbearing trees and their shadows. Rowan told the others to be quiet and let her hear and soon she could make out the words.

The trees creaked and cracked and their leaves and small twigs rustled in the unfelt breeze.  Rowan posed to listen and it did seem to her that the trees were saying something, but nothing made sense. She heard, ‘forwards’ then ‘dang’ that she thought was ‘danger’ but there was no discernable pattern to it.

The trees were indeed speaking, and no ones for excessive talk, they kept their words few.

Trees hold a clue

Trees line the path and murmur about the travellers making their way along the path. Speck looks up and into the trees above the dark starless sky beyond, blackness on darkness. They all stand still now listening and it is here that Rowan says,”Ssssh! Listen!”

Could it be the trees are speaking? What have they said and does that help or threaten?

The only way was forwards, the path behind seemed to close in so dark. They walked on now conscious that time was only by their watches or mobiles.  Keith looked at his mobile and saw 6:43 pm and a red bar showing 5% battery left.